Club Records

Records from the Wigan Wheelers Triathalon Club (and previously the Wigan Wheelers Cycling club) members for Men, Women, Place to Place and Junior. For more details and if you spot any mistakes please use the ‘contact us’ form on the homepage.

Men’s Records

Fastest male club rider for a given distance/time

Distance/timeNameDate of recordTime/Distance of record
10 MilesAdam Taylor21/8/202120:09
25 MilesNigel Clementson2/8/201651:56
30 MilesAdam Taylor16/8/20201:06:01
50 MilesMark Brearton20171:49:52
100 MilesNigel Clementson4/9/20213:48:51
12 HoursDave Brabbin12/9/1999267.01 miles
24 HoursDave Brabbin1997446.61 miles

Women’s records

Fastest female club rider for a given distance/time

Distance/time Name Date of record Time
10 MilesHarriet Gillson202122:08
25 MilesClaire Clementson201659:56
50 MilesClaire Clementson20172:08:42
100 MilesClaire Clementson20174:29:39

Place to Place records

Fastest club rider for given place to place

DistanceNameDate of recordTime
Wigan – Blackpool – WiganJ. J Harrison23/8/19872:48:12
Wigan – Lancaster – WiganL. Lea21/7/19653:25:00
Wigan – Shewsbury – WiganL. Lea26/9/19656:03:34

Junior records

Fastest young rider for a given distance/time

DistanceNameDate of recordTime
10 MilesRichard Handley21/6/200720:52
25 MilesRichard Handley10/6/200755:15
50 MilesRichard Handley22/7/20062:07:59
100 MilesRichard Handley29/5/20064:52:30