Time Trialling


Weekly 10 mile Club Time Trials

Starting on 17th April  2019 and every Wednesday evening until 28th August (weather permitting) Wigan Wheelers & Triathlon club and St. Helens CRC host a 10 mile time trial on the D10/1 course based on the Rainford Bypass (A570).

Sign on is from 6:00pm in Ormskirk road (WA11 7TA) which is the layby that runs in front of the Holdi restaurant.  First rider starts at 7:01pm except for the first two events in April which start at 6:46pm and the last event in August which starts at 6:31pm.

We do not want to gather in front of the houses and be a nuisance to people who live next to the layby, we are better to keep to the North end of the layby:


The entry fee is £3 for members of Wigan Wheelers & Triathlon club and St. Helens CRC and £4.50 for others.

Never done time trialling before? This is a good event to do in a welcoming and supportive environment!  Let the organiser know that it is your first time so we can help you.

Also feel free to spectate, the best spot is on the roundabout by Holdi Rainford. 


Open Time Trials

We also organise open time trials throughout the racing season.  If you do not want to ride, perhaps you could help marshall the events, please let Amanda or Nigel know if you can assist.


Affiliation and further info

We are affilated with British Cycling, CTT (Cycling Time Trials under the North and Manchester Districts) and the Cyclocross Association. 

All open time trials throughout the UK are listed on the CTT website:


Please see our facebook page to see further information as it changes.

Trophies To be Competed for in the 2019 season


There are five trophies which are competed for by taking part in the open events listed below.  All of these are based on a handicap competition so don't be afraid if you've never raced to come and give it a go.  You can get details of how to enter an open event  by clicking on the links below.

Anyone thinking of riding any of these events please let Nigel Clementson (07862289430) know so he can handicap the event. 

Morris Jones Trophy 10

24th April - North Lancashire RC, 10 miles  on course L101 near Garstang.


Liptrot Dewhurst trophy 25

12th June - West Pennine RC/VTTA(North Lancs & Lakes), 25 miles on course L256 near Clitheroe.


Fletcher Cup 50

 23rd June - VTTA(North Lancs & Lakes), 50 miles on course L5012 near Cockermouth.

This event is open to all ages and includes the NLTTA championship.


Cavey Cup 25

 7th July - Border City Wheelers, 25 miles on course L2511 between Cockermouth and Keswick.


Cutler Cup 10

 17th August - Wigan Wheelers, 10 miles on course L1015 near Levens.



Results for the rainford 10's are shown below, usually a day or so after the event. A photo of the signing on sheet with times

added is usually posted onto our facebook page soon after the event        https://www.facebook.com/wiganwheelerscc/

2018 club 10 Time Trial Results

The results of the rainford 10's for the 2018 season are shown in the files below.  The last file shows

 the results of the season long points competition for which an annual trophy and medals are awarded.